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December 16, 2011

Dollhouse of Your Dreams

by Gillian

I recently saw these modern mid century inspired dollhouses by Brinca Dada and fell in love. They are so chic, non-toxic, and made from eco-friendly woods. A much better alternative to the plastic pastel versions.

Products | brinca dada.

December 9, 2011

Treat Your Ceiling Like a Fifth Wall

by Gillian

People often overlook the potential of their ceiling, ignoring it and leave it white and bland. Instead, think of your ceiling as your fifth wall. An easy cheap fix is to paint it a similar shade to your walls. To do this mix a 1/4 wall color with a 3/4 white paint for a beautiful seamless transition. In a bedroom try painting your ceiling a with a hint of sky blue for a peaceful and visual space while you’re lying in bed. To add even more punch wallpaper your ceiling! Pick a bold design and your room will instantly feel higher as the focal point of your space will become your ceiling.

(close up of ceiling in photo above)

For children’s bedrooms I love to have something visually stimulating hanging from the ceiling. Try colorful paper lanterns for girl’s room or flying airplanes for a boy. Think about how much time your little one spends lying in crib; shouldn’t they have something beautiful to look at too?

December 9, 2011

Touch Up Paint Pen

by Gillian

Having dings and chipped walls and baseboards is inevitable if you have children running around your house. To keep things looking fresh Debbie Wiener has developed a brilliant product – The Slobproof Paint Pen. “Just remove the brush top and fill it with your paint. Then snap the brush top in place, twist the bottom of the pen and you are ready to start touching up your walls, trim, ceiling, or doors! Rinse the brush with water when finished, replace the cap, and then throw it in a kitchen drawer until you need it again!” The pen retails for $19.95 plus s/h for a pair.

Slobproof! with Crypton Furniture for Real Life.

December 9, 2011

Cool Storage Solutions

by Gillian

I will admit that I am bit OCD when it comes to organizing especially when we’re talking about my children’s toys, books and clothes. As a busy mom of two small girls time management is crucial to getting out the door each day and I have found that having their belongings in a neat and organized manner helps to make the routine go more smoothly.  So it’s no surprise why I fell in love with the Campaign Storage collection from Serena and Lily. I love their neutral bins with a hint of accent color which fit perfectly into the cubby, the coordinating fabric on the built-in seat, and their metal everything storage bins in playful patterns.

Serena & Lily Campaign Storage Bench

Serena & Lily Campaign Storage 2-Shelf Bookcase

Serena & Lily Everything Storage Bins

December 2, 2011

7 Cool Ways to Decorate and Organize Your Kid’s Play Space

by Gillian
  1. Use FLOR carpet tiles instead of a traditional area rug. They come in 20 x 20 squares and you can mix and match any styles and colors for a custom design. The best part is that if one area gets damaged or soiled you can toss it and just stick another square down in its place. (Just make sure to order a few extra and store them away.)

  1. Using wall decals is a very quick way to give a room personality without breaking the bank. They can be easily removed so when your little one tires of the design you can peel off and replace with something more current.

  1. Give your kids a wall they can actual write on. Hudson Paint now makes many different fun, cheery colors of chalkboard paint instead of the basic black and green. If you don’t want to commit a whole wall to chalkboard The Land of Nod has peel and stick chalkboards.

  1. Get kid sized chairs and tables so they have their own space for reading books, doing art projects etc. Many retailers are making grown up looking furniture in a scaled down size. I just adore this child’s chair and ottoman from

  1. Create a private hideaway where only the kids can go – get a tent or a teepee! You can make custom teepees to match your decor on Etsy.

  1. Stay organized! Use storage bins and boxes so everything has a place. I love these modular cubes in bright colors from way basics. They are easy to assemble, and eco friendly and allow you to construct any combination of cubes to fit your space.

  1. Instead of sticking kids art on the fridge get inexpensive frames and create an art gallery. Your children will love looking at what they’ve made.