Make Room For Two!

by Gillian

“How can I make my child’s room suitable for two children?” I often hear this from parents who are either expecting another bundle of joy or just need to redo a space for two siblings who will be sharing a room. Since most affordable apartments in NYC aren’t huge every inch of space counts and needs to be maximized. But don’t worry! Here are 5 tips to help you design an adorable shared bedroom.

1) Use furniture to create a sense of privacy. Try a cute folding screen, an open back bookcase, or divide the space with a hanging curtain. Modular Bookshelf For Kartell – Kartell – Home Furnishings – Unica Home

2) Keep an overall color theme throughout the space. If you have a boy and girl sharing together I would suggest neutral color for the walls and flooring and pick two colors that are complimentary for bedding and accessories and if possible try to find the same pattern and use the boy and girl versions.

Kids’ Bedding: Kids Hot Pink Stripe Cotton Bedding

Kids’ Bedding: Kids Green Stripe Cotton Bedding

3) Giver your children their own personal space, no matter how small. Provide baskets for storage, or give each child a bulletin board or magnetic board so they can hang their personal artwork.

Large Round Bay Cork Board by Maine Cottage, Corkboards & Chalkboards, Decor for Children.

4) Instead of the standard arrangement of beds on opposite walls, try putting a large nightstand in the corner of the room with the head of the beds placed perpendicular to each other.

Seacliff Bedroom | Pottery Barn Kids

Or If your wall is long enough see if there’s a local carpenter who can build a simple box frame for storage below with a headboard in between and line two twin beds along one wall.

Drake Design Associates

5) If your children are old enough save floors space and go for bunk beds! (Not recommended for children younger than 6 yrs old)

Perch Bunk Bed

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