Fabric Covered Faux Nailhead Bulletin Board

by Gillian

Here’s an easy and inexpensive way to add character to a bland cork board.

Step 1: Purchase, or reuse existing cork board (in my case I was reusing)

Step 2: Purchase cute fabric – I liked this geometric pattern from Cedar House Fabrics and wanted something cheery to go with my new silvery/grey striped walls. Fabric cost $14 for 1 yard which was all I needed.

Step 3: Iron the fabric so there are no creases

Step 4: Position fabric on board leaving 4″-5″ all the way around

Step 5: Using brass thumb tacks start pushing tacks along edge. I think what I actually should have used was nailhead trim strips so I would have a more even effect.

Step 6: Flip board over after nailheads have been pushed in and hot glue gun the excess fabric to the back of the board.

And voila! For less than $20 (because I already had the cork board) I have a cute bulletin board that I can use for my daughters’ art and calendars etc. This project was super easy and can be customized to any space – perfect for a child’s room above a desk!

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