Adjust Your Facebook Settings

by Gillian
So I just learned from another blogger that Facebook has started to charge page administrators a fee in order to promote our updates so the updates can reach the fans.  They are asking $10 per status update.  If page administrators don’t pay the promotion fee, only 10% of the fans will see the updates in their main Facebook feed. So, if you are a Cool Cribs Online facebook fan, and would like to keep receiving posts on your news feed, then please follow these simple instructions:
Click on the Cool Cribs page and click on the wheel next to the like button.
Now select the “add to interest list” button and then select “new list”, and then “next”

You can name your list BLOGS, and add other blogs to your list by following the same procedure. Click done, and that’s it! Now any status updates that Cool Cribs makes will show up in your news feed.

Thanks to Chelsea at two twenty one for letting me know about this!

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