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January 6, 2014

Kitchen Makeover: Part I

by Gillian

Happy New Year everyone! 2014 is going to be great and filled with so many fun projects.I just finished a really easy project that I am so excited to share with you.

The first project of the year was a quick fix on my rental kitchen. I moved into this apartment 6 years ago and while we painted and decorated and installed lighting and window treatments there wasn’t much we could do with the kitchen! I really hate the look of my existing kitchen – it’s dark and has horrible huge flourescent light boxes, the worst cheapest looking counter tops & appliances and a really old and ugly vinyl floor. The cabinets are the only things that are actually OK. We just resigned our lease and I could not bear the thought of looking at this tired space another minute. I was looking online to see if there was any cute peel and stick vinyl flooring (oxymoron!) that I could install over our existing floors. I did come across a great site that sells vinyl flooring in incredibly chic and fun patterns but they were a little pricey and based in the UK and since this is just a temporary home I wasn’t willing to commit. Everything else I saw was what you would imagine if someone said vinyl flooring – cheap looking tiles that try to seem like they are stone or granite. In my opinion I think they look really fake and I wanted to try to avoid that look all together. In my search I stumbled across a blog called the sweetest digs and loved what Gemma came up with. So I RAN out to my local Home Depot, scooped up my black and white tiles for 69 cents a piece and enlisted my husbands help in laying the tile and fitting it around the corners. It took us a few hours because of all the cuts we had to make but I LOVE how it turned out. Every time I walk into the kitchen I am happily surprised all over again at how much of a difference a little vinyl tile goes. This project cost $50 and was super simple. Now I just have to figure out what to do with my counter tops and how I can change the lighting. Do you have any great ideas on how to conceal or change my counter tops on a dime? Please share!

Here’s the kitchen before (pardon the mess):

photo 1

And here it is with the new floor:

photo 2