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March 2, 2012

FLOR Tiles

by Gillian

When considering flooring options for your child’s room my number one piece of advise is buy FLOR modular carpet tiles! These carpet squares comes in so many colors and textures that are each 19.7″ square. They are reasonably priced starting at $9 per tile and up.  They can be mixed and matched to create a unique floor design and are so easy to install. (If DIY is not your thing the company now offers professional installation services in select areas.) They are easy to clean – you can literally remove a square and put it in the sink to wash out a stain – or if there’s something that you really can’t get out you can just replace the tile, and not the whole carpet (so make sure you buy a few extra and store them). The options are endless but here are just a few to inspire you.

Buy Reverb-Magenta carpet tile by FLOR

Buy solid Modern Mix – Blue 4-pack of carpet tile at FLOR

Buy Toy Poodle-Dew 5 pack carpet tile rug set at FLOR

Buy Just Plain Folk-Linen carpet tile by FLOR