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May 6, 2013

Living Room Art

by Gillian

I am in desperate need of art for my living room wall behind my sofa. Ideally I would love to find a piece that is 40 x 60 that doesn’t cost a small fortune. I have been an admirer of Massimo Vitali’s work for some time. He is an Italian photographer who shoots these incredible crowd scenes and I am particularly fond of his beach shots.



Vitali_Les Menuires3_large

His prices, however, are astronomical and not even close to being in my budget. So I started looking around to see if there were other artists who took similar photos that would be better suited for me. I stumbled upon Christian Chaize on the site 20× (which has since been shut down) and started liking it even more than Vitali’s work! It appears as though Chaize is shooting from a higher vantage point looking down and I LOVE the color of all the beach umbrellas that he is able to capture.

3208_largeview tumblr_ls9kt0qGgz1qa7gdmo1_500

A few weeks ago in New York City, while at the Affordable Art Fair, and I was introduced to another aerial beach photographer Gray Malin.  And now I can’t stop dreaming about how these pieces would look in my living room! They just make me so happy to look at!





Where do YOU source art?