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July 18, 2013

2 Great Companies Partner Up

by Gillian

I was so excited when I opened the current Land of Nod catalog and saw that they have partnered with Ducduc, a very cool American furniture company. These pieces are gorgeous and I love how modern they feel. I can’t wait to spec them for future nurseries.

Verona Crib – available in 4 colors


Verona 3-Drawer Dresser – available in 4 colors

verona dresser

Oslo Crib – available in 5 colors

oslo dresser

Oslo 3-Drawer Dresser – available in 6 colors

oslo dresser

December 3, 2012

Finn McDermott’s Giraffe Inspired Nursery

by Gillian

I will admit it…I love Tori Spelling. I hated her character Donna on 90210 back in the day, but ever since her reality TV show I have grown to really like her and her style a lot.  So, it was no surprise to me that the newest family member, Finn McDermott, has a super chic nursery which Tori & Dean recently showed it off. I love the unexpected color combinations and the nod to mid-century modern style.


Custom ducduc Regency Crib and Pebble Mattress

Tori found inspiration for Finn’s room from a vintage flea market find of a ceramic giraffe. I love the gallery of mixed frames on this incredible and bold wallpaper from Tempaper Designs.


This fantastic Custom ducduc Savannah Changer  has a retro feel. If you weren’t working on Tori’s budget this would be a great flea market find that could be transformed with a little DIY work.


Of course an important feature in a nursery is a rocker, Tori found hers at Anthropologie.  I love the small rope table right beside the rocker which is great spot to set down a bottle or burp cloth, and rope stool to rest your feet.  She continues her giraffe theme with a small patterned pillow on the rocker and the ceramic figures on the side table.


Tori found a great dresser in this vibrant orange from SPI Baby. If you’re working within a tight budget this is anther great opportunity to transform a flea market piece with a few coats of paint. To achieve this high gloss look send the piece out to be spray finished.


And she of course did not miss even the tiniest detail. A great flea market find letter “F” makes Finn’s room more personal, as well as what appears to be a home-made giraffe mobile.


November 5, 2012

Rainbow Hued Cribs

by Gillian

Color is so important in our lives. It evokes feelings and stirs emotion. Color in a room can really change the whole feel of a space. I love these new colorful cribs that are popping up all over place. Gone are the boring black, brown or white cribs. Say hello to the new crop of colorful cribs that are available now.

Caravan Crib – Kalon Studios  (available in 5 colors)

Kudos Crib by Young America (available in 24 colors)

Hudson 3-in-1 Convertible Crib – Babyletto (available in 3 colors)

Parker Panel Crib – ducduc (available in 2 colors)

Lit Joli Môme- Laurette (available in 9 colors)

Alma mini crib – bloom (available in 4 colors)

Encore Crib -Young America (available in 24 colors)

Moda Crib in Colors – Room & Board (available in 11 colors)