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May 15, 2013

3D Butterly Wall Art

by Gillian

In an earlier post I mentioned that my almost 5 yr old daughter Grace requested butterflies in her room. I wanted to give her something fun and whimsical but also wanted the ability to remove it when she tired of it. I decided to purchase translucent plastic butterfly decals from Butterfly Bazaar on Etsy. The butterflies ship flat and instructions say to fold the butterflies with the glossy side down. Adhere a glue dot to the center and stick it to your surface. I used an artist canvas but these can probably stick just as easily directly to the wall. After folding all the butterflies that I purchased, I sorted them by color and then started playing around with the composition until I created something that I was happy with. I stuck a glue dot on each one and in a very short time I had a custom piece of art for less than $50.

The butterflies are shipped flat like this:IMG_2064-001

Here’s what they look like once they are folded:


Trying to figure out a layout that I like:IMG_2065-001

Finished product:



August 1, 2012

Closet Nook

by Gillian

My daughters Grace and Charlotte share a bedroom at my parent’s weekend home and the closet that was in the 100-year-old house was not at all functional. There were 2 large sliding doors that were basically falling off the hinges and the doors were so heavy that it was very hard to open. So I decided to remove the doors, paint the interior a bright pink, and put the dresser and some hooks inside to turn the wasted space into a cute, functional nook.

My husband painted the interior walls and shelf in Benjamin Moore Strawberry Shortcake 2000-40

I found these really great antique looking wall hooks on Etsy, of course, and positioned them on either side of the dresser that I repainted a few months ago. I hung them low enough so the girls have a sense of independence and can hook up their wet swim suits and robes, or hooded sweatshirts by themselves.

I reused an antique mirror that we had hanging in a different spot and placed it at the right height for the girls and added a cute lamp that used to be in Grace’s nursery when she was a baby.

I also had these custom silhouettes created by a very talented vendor on Etsy, and also found these perfect shabby chic oval frames on Etsy and installed them just above each hook.  (I was really serious when I said I was addicted.)

I added a pink and white polka dot hamper, a few pink and white striped boxes and voila! I am so pleased with how it all turned out. I think removing the doors really helped to open up the small room and I love how the bold pink on the interior compliments the pale pink walls.