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April 4, 2014

Guest House Interiors: Part I

by Gillian

A few weeks I blogged mostly about the construction and exterior of the guest house at the farm that I am in the process of building. The vision for the interior is to have the main level feel open and airy, like a loft space, with the living, dining and kitchen areas all exposed. There will also be a powder room, mudroom, and laundry area on the main floor. Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms and a full bath. Each main room’s purpose it to maximize the spectacular view.

In coming up with the design for the space I wanted to play with juxtaposition a bit – the exterior is supposed to look like a barn (albeit modern) but I don’t really love traditional spaces I much prefer the modern look. So while from the outside the house might look a bit more traditional I wanted the interior to feel really clean and modern but with a twist. So I came up with a design I am calling modern industrial chic barn. In theory I would love to have everything white and cream and airy but with 2 small children and a dog who knows no boundaries that is just a fantasy. I created a style board that reflects the look I’m going for.

furniture & Lighitng


So now I’m just anxiously waiting until I can finalize the purchases and then coordinate installation once the construction is complete. I can’t wait to share the finished project with you all!