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July 30, 2014

We built a barn house! And here’s how it turned out

by Gillian

My last post about the house was back in April (eek!) and since then we have finished the house! We moved into it in June although there were still some punch list items that needed to be finalized. The exterior still needs some painting to the roof area which hopefully will be finalized soon, and the interior staircase has to be painted as well. But here’s our house tour…

The downstairs consists of open living/dining/kitchen area on one side and then a small mudroom, laundry, and powder room on the other side of the entry door. The beams are reclaimed from an old barn (unfortunately we couldn’t use the old beams from the barn we tore down because they had been treated with a chemical called creosote that would have been harmful over time).  These are one of my favorite features of the house because I really feel like it gives it so much character. Almost all of the furnishings in the house were purchased online with the exception of the sofa which we had to test out first.


I love how the floating shelves turned out in the kitchen. Since we’re only there on weekends we don’t need that many dishes so it works for us.


But there’s plenty of room in the island cabinets if we needed more space. And behind that door is a walk in pantry. (I wish I had all this extra space in my city apartment!)


Moving upstairs there are two bedrooms and a bathroom. Here’s the master bedroom. I wanted to keep everything very calm and peaceful. How amazing is my view!? When I wake up in the morning I can spot the deer grazing in the fields below.


Across from the bed is our home-made Jackson Pollack that the entire family helped to make. I LOVE how perfect it looks in here.


The girls room is gigantic! It’s the entire length of the house but it actually is perfect. They both have a full size bed plus all their toys and crafts are contained in this room so there is no need for it to trickle down into the living space. I installed an extra long IKEA desk so they can both spread out to do crafting projects and then when they are older homework.


When they wake up in the morning they like to peek out the window too and see what animals they can spot. Last week they saw some bunnies as well as a deer family.


In lieu of actual headboards I made these butterfly fabric wall frames to coordinate with the pottery barn bedding.


And the last room upstairs is the bathroom which is very difficult to photograph because of the tight space.


This vanity that I found online is great – so much storage space! Even with 4 of us sharing this bathroom there is plenty of room.


There is still a lot of exterior work to be finished including painting, installing the front door knob, and landscaping which we can’t start until early fall. Stay tuned for more updates and before and after photos.

April 10, 2014

We’re building a house! Part II

by Gillian

Last month I made a trip to the job site to have a look at the progress they had made since February. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was starting to really look a house on the inside. The plumbing and electrical were completed and passed inspection so the house was insulated and the walls were up!  And we now have a front door (which will be painted later).

feb - march 2014 005

This is what it looks like when you walk through the front door and immediately turn left. Eric is standing in what will be the dining “nook”. Even covered in snow the view is breathtaking.

feb - march 2014 007

Along the back wall here is where the kitchen will be installed – the door to the right is the pantry.

feb - march 2014 008

Here’s the master bedroom, doesn’t look like much now but wait until I can really get in there!

feb - march 2014 002

The girls will be sharing this enormous bedroom, and they too have the same amazing view (but my back was towards the view in this pic). I have some DIY ideas on the brain for this space.

feb - march 2014 005 (2)

And here’s our incomplete deck. We still need to install the stainless steel cable railings. I am day dreaming about relaxing here with a glass of wine at the end of a fabulous summer day.


feb - march 2014 001 (2)

I was also able to finalize the kitchen layout and purchase the cabinets and appliances. Here’s a computer generated drawing of how it’s going to look:




On my next site visit in a few weeks I hope to see the floors, staircase, doors, window & door trim all installed! Maybe I will also be able to approve a color for the exterior of the house. Red of course, but there are so many variations. I don’t want something too bright, or too brown, and it has to coordinate with the existing 100 yr old barn in the back of this new house so it might be quite tricky.


April 4, 2014

Guest House Interiors: Part I

by Gillian

A few weeks I blogged mostly about the construction and exterior of the guest house at the farm that I am in the process of building. The vision for the interior is to have the main level feel open and airy, like a loft space, with the living, dining and kitchen areas all exposed. There will also be a powder room, mudroom, and laundry area on the main floor. Upstairs there are 2 bedrooms and a full bath. Each main room’s purpose it to maximize the spectacular view.

In coming up with the design for the space I wanted to play with juxtaposition a bit – the exterior is supposed to look like a barn (albeit modern) but I don’t really love traditional spaces I much prefer the modern look. So while from the outside the house might look a bit more traditional I wanted the interior to feel really clean and modern but with a twist. So I came up with a design I am calling modern industrial chic barn. In theory I would love to have everything white and cream and airy but with 2 small children and a dog who knows no boundaries that is just a fantasy. I created a style board that reflects the look I’m going for.

furniture & Lighitng


So now I’m just anxiously waiting until I can finalize the purchases and then coordinate installation once the construction is complete. I can’t wait to share the finished project with you all!