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March 4, 2012

Chevron Heaven

by Gillian

I was recently browsing through Pinterest and came across a children’s bedroom with a chevron wall that I became obsessed with and absolutely had to have. My daughters’ bedroom is already complete so I didn’t do this in a nursery although I think it would be amazing in one. Instead, I painted the wall behind my bed in the master bedroom! This is what my bedroom looked like before…

My first step was to do some research online to try to find the easiest way to tackle this project as I am little DIY challenged. I thought using a stencil would have been the best way but, unfortunately, my wall is huge ( 17′-3″ w x 8′-6″ h) and I was unable to find a stencil in the right size. With some mathematical assistance from my brother, we were able to come up with the right proportions. I wanted my “V” to be fairly wide so there weren’t too many zig zags. We decided on 9 “V”s running horizontal and 6 white “V”s vertical. Each total “V” is 23″ from left to right and 7″ thick.

Then with the help of my detail-orientated husband (and a few cocktails) we first cleaned the wall of all dust and then mapped out the points on the wall starting in the upper left corner. We put a dot of colored chalk every 7″ from the ceiling down to the baseboard and every 11.5″ across from left to right. Then with a chalk line tool, we snapped a straight line from the ceiling to the baseboard. We repeated this process 17 more times across the whole width of the wall. With a ruler, we would check after each time we snapped a chalk line making sure there were 11.5″ between dots. Any imperfections would have thrown off the whole stripe. Then with FrogTape we connected the dots in a “V” formation. This part of the process took about 4 hours to complete.

On day 2 we took an exacto knife and cleaned up all the peaks of the “V” making sure they were crisp and also checked to make sure each line of tape was pressed securely to the wall so no paint would bleed through. With a baby wipe we cleaned the walls again removing the chalk dots and the vertical chalk lines that we used as our guide. Then it was finally time to paint! With a small roller, I painted only the larger section of stripes in Benjamin Moore Decorators White (my wall was already Benjamin Moore Bird’s Egg Blue which I wanted to show through underneath).

This is what it looked like after one coat of paint. I ended up using 2 coats of paint because some of the blue was showing through.

It took about 2 hours to paint the stripes (so a total of 7 hours from start to finish) and a total cost of $70 for materials. Once the paint was dry I removed the tape with the help of my 3 yr old and I was left with a perfectly crisp chevron wall which I adore. (My daughter told me it looked magnificent!)

This project was not difficult, but it was time consuming and requires a lot of patience. Since my husband and I didn’t kill each other doing this, maybe he’ll be up for another project next weekend.

January 3, 2012

Afraid Of Color?

by Gillian

In theory, you like the idea of a room with color. In reality, you’re not sure. So how can you get the wow factor without the regret? Paint the back of your bookcase. Pick a bright color since you want it to really pop. Don’t worry, most of the color will be obscured by books, tchotchkes and pictures.

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December 9, 2011

Treat Your Ceiling Like a Fifth Wall

by Gillian

People often overlook the potential of their ceiling, ignoring it and leave it white and bland. Instead, think of your ceiling as your fifth wall. An easy cheap fix is to paint it a similar shade to your walls. To do this mix a 1/4 wall color with a 3/4 white paint for a beautiful seamless transition. In a bedroom try painting your ceiling a with a hint of sky blue for a peaceful and visual space while you’re lying in bed. To add even more punch wallpaper your ceiling! Pick a bold design and your room will instantly feel higher as the focal point of your space will become your ceiling.

(close up of ceiling in photo above)

For children’s bedrooms I love to have something visually stimulating hanging from the ceiling. Try colorful paper lanterns for girl’s room or flying airplanes for a boy. Think about how much time your little one spends lying in crib; shouldn’t they have something beautiful to look at too?

December 9, 2011

Touch Up Paint Pen

by Gillian

Having dings and chipped walls and baseboards is inevitable if you have children running around your house. To keep things looking fresh Debbie Wiener has developed a brilliant product – The Slobproof Paint Pen. “Just remove the brush top and fill it with your paint. Then snap the brush top in place, twist the bottom of the pen and you are ready to start touching up your walls, trim, ceiling, or doors! Rinse the brush with water when finished, replace the cap, and then throw it in a kitchen drawer until you need it again!” The pen retails for $19.95 plus s/h for a pair.

Slobproof! with Crypton Furniture for Real Life.