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February 23, 2012

Bye-Bye Boring Bookcase

by Gillian

Want the look of a custom bookcase but don’t want to pay the custom price? Purchase an inexpensive bookcase like this one BILLY Bookcase – white – IKEA, and wallpaper the back of it. Sherwin Williams carries thousands of patterns of removable pre-pasted wallpaper which you just peel and stick! Sherwin-Williams Online Decorating Store

February 16, 2012

WallCandy Arts

by Gillian

These adorable wallpaper patterns are sure to add flavor to any kid’s room. The best part is they are totally removable, repositionable, and reusable! Each self adhesive sheet can be cut to fit any size or shape. They are non-toxic, and do not leave a messy residue on your walls when you remove it.

Green Apple WallPaper

French Bull Izzy

London Bus

French Bull Cityscape

Hearts Red

Yellow Stripe

Summer Clouds

French Bull Large Multi Dot

Twin Pops Yellow

Pink and Brown Stripes

  • Half Kit includes 2 rolls wallpaper (totaling 5.22 yards in length) $148
  • Full Kit includes 4 rolls wallpaper (totaling 10.44 yards in length) $296
  • each roll is 26″ wide by 94″ long
  • removable and reusable vinyl
  • squeegee hand tool included

Removable WallPaper | Original Designs by WallCandy® Arts.

December 9, 2011

Treat Your Ceiling Like a Fifth Wall

by Gillian

People often overlook the potential of their ceiling, ignoring it and leave it white and bland. Instead, think of your ceiling as your fifth wall. An easy cheap fix is to paint it a similar shade to your walls. To do this mix a 1/4 wall color with a 3/4 white paint for a beautiful seamless transition. In a bedroom try painting your ceiling a with a hint of sky blue for a peaceful and visual space while you’re lying in bed. To add even more punch wallpaper your ceiling! Pick a bold design and your room will instantly feel higher as the focal point of your space will become your ceiling.

(close up of ceiling in photo above)

For children’s bedrooms I love to have something visually stimulating hanging from the ceiling. Try colorful paper lanterns for girl’s room or flying airplanes for a boy. Think about how much time your little one spends lying in crib; shouldn’t they have something beautiful to look at too?