We’re building a house! Part II

by Gillian

Last month I made a trip to the job site to have a look at the progress they had made since February. I was pleasantly surprised to see that it was starting to really look a house on the inside. The plumbing and electrical were completed and passed inspection so the house was insulated and the walls were up!  And we now have a front door (which will be painted later).

feb - march 2014 005

This is what it looks like when you walk through the front door and immediately turn left. Eric is standing in what will be the dining “nook”. Even covered in snow the view is breathtaking.

feb - march 2014 007

Along the back wall here is where the kitchen will be installed – the door to the right is the pantry.

feb - march 2014 008

Here’s the master bedroom, doesn’t look like much now but wait until I can really get in there!

feb - march 2014 002

The girls will be sharing this enormous bedroom, and they too have the same amazing view (but my back was towards the view in this pic). I have some DIY ideas on the brain for this space.

feb - march 2014 005 (2)

And here’s our incomplete deck. We still need to install the stainless steel cable railings. I am day dreaming about relaxing here with a glass of wine at the end of a fabulous summer day.


feb - march 2014 001 (2)

I was also able to finalize the kitchen layout and purchase the cabinets and appliances. Here’s a computer generated drawing of how it’s going to look:




On my next site visit in a few weeks I hope to see the floors, staircase, doors, window & door trim all installed! Maybe I will also be able to approve a color for the exterior of the house. Red of course, but there are so many variations. I don’t want something too bright, or too brown, and it has to coordinate with the existing 100 yr old barn in the back of this new house so it might be quite tricky.


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